Thursday, October 18, 2018

Until My Heartaches End

*phone buzzed - 14:00

You're ignoring, where are you?
He queried.

I'll let you know, give me 2 secs.
I answered.

Send me the location.
He demanded.

In a bit.
I said.

What do you want to do.
He quizzed.

Get drunk.
I respond.

It is too early for that.
He protested.

That is what I want.
I insisted.

He said.

And, WE too, are DONE.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Once Upon a Time in Fujairah, UAE

I was not really exhausted or wanting to have a break when I booked a hotel in Fujairah as I just had two out of town trips prior. I guess it was just the hype. I was still high and didn't want to settle with the mundane days yet and needed another somewhere out of the hurling city of Dubai, and yes to Fujairah I thought I have to be.

Fujairah, UAE
The above photo was taken at one of the Wadis in Fujairah. No signage can be found bearing its name, or maybe there was but I was just not keen enough as I got giddy to get near the water but there were little cliffs and cracks so at a decent distance I stayed and basked in the sun while watching the tiny ripples the air made through the almost placid water bed. 

Actually, it was not my first time in Fujairah - I have blogged my visit to some of the tourist spots in the city's outskirts in The Wondering Wanderer Unleashed - but it was my first time to be and stay within its city. What I loved about it was that I didn't have to go far from the hotel I stayed in to visit the Grand Mosque and The Fort as they were only 10 steps away! Kidding, hmm around 5 minutes car ride from the city proper I think.

Fujairah Fort, Fujairah, UAE
It was blazing hot not to even mention the humidity but despite the not so friendly weather, I had a blast! I braved the heat out and roamed around The Fort.

Fujairah Fort, Fujairah, UAE
Fujairah Fort, Fujairah, UAE

Going back to my hotel, I forgot to take a photo of the Grand Mosque in the same broad daylight when I visited The Fort as I was engulfed by its beauty. It is grand, indeed. Just so beautiful that my eyes feasted and overwhelmed me until it was out of sight. It is not as grand as the one in Abu Dhabi but you would not be able to think on comparing when you see it. Or I dunno, maybe because I am just into Mosques.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Fujairah, UAE

The visit to the Grand Mosque is actually already planned to be at night as I love city lights. The photo above actually does not do even the slightest justice as to how it is in actual. I roamed around, as usual, but got tired as it was vast and so humid! But was content to have seen it at night and again, drank in its beauty.

Al Meshwar, Fujairah, UAE
And it was the same night when I was introduced to Shisha! And, I love it since then. I don't smoke, but I know how to smoke and the volume of smoke that you can make out of Shisha - depends on your breathing skills - is what makes it enticing for me. It made dizzy actually until I swapped flavor with my friend who was having the Cafe's specialty - I forgot the name but it has its cafe's name in it, Al Meshwar mix or something. Plus, the place is splendid. The design, the service, the food, commendable!

As a huge part of this quick trip, I am forever grateful to my dear friend who had awaken the bookworm that has been in hiatus inside me. Fortunately we learned that we were in the same place when asked of each other's whereabouts. We met and I was gifted with the book, Alexander by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. One of the "Unputdownable" that I have ever held on to. As you can see from the photo below, I was clutching it tightly. LOL. Kidding aside, as I learned that it was a trilogy, I was crazily in search for the 2nd and the 3rd book and to my surprise and delight, one of my friends sent me the epub copies. The trilogy is brilliantly written. Kudos to Manfredi!

Fujairah, UAE

Again, SHOUT OUT to my dear friend who will forever hold a place in my heart. You were so welcoming and even gone out of your way so I would have a great time and enjoy my short stay. You have not only gifted me a book, you made me thirsty instead and longed for that familiar feeling that most of the times only book could suffice. You have not only given me memories and experiences that I will fondly remember and cherish, you gave me Me again. The curious me - curious of how your brain is wired so different with mine but you fully understand me nonetheless. Thank you.