Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stay Miserable or Start a Step To a Joyful Life?

I may have not been in the same situation that you are in right now
but i know for sure that it's beyond awful.
And, I feel you.

I have felt that devastating feeling.
I have been through sleepless nights.
I have had those tears dried in my ears and pillows from unstoppable cries.
I have had my share of those sudden heart thugs when memories clouded my mind.
Those mini heart attacks that were physically paining.
Yes. I feel you.

Do not dwell.
Give yourself a break.
Do not deprive yourself of the time you deserve.
The time to feel better.
The time to stay away from whatever that is crushing the entire you.
Block if you must.
Distant yourself.
You may miss them, you will surely miss them and again realize how much you love them,
such jolts of hormones
but you have to distract yourself from those wearing memories.

Get yourself busy.
Such a lame advice but has worked on me many times.
Do a lot of sidetracks, away from them and devote to something;
anything that you could bury yourself into,
anything that you can be proud of in the future,
anything that would make you realize that there is so much more to life than sorrows.

No one can help you but yourself so you got to decide now.
Stay miserable or start a step and on to a joyful life?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Fun Friday Night @ The Beach, JBR

It was already Friday night when we have come to a decision where we wanted to go. We were actually discussing lots of places since the morning but couldn't land on one as each has arguments on whatever was suggested. So, yeah, after thorough deliberation; seriously? we settled on going to where I was so excited to go!

Nope, I wasn't excited coming to this place, as I have been here a couple of times already

This was were we found ourselves in. Haha.
For as we were about to leave our place, I suddenly thought of the proper clothing that must be worn when going to that other place.
Trying one of the fitness equipment that are sitting at the
sidewalk of The Beach.

We were clad in comfie clothes and it was already late if we were still to change and we were kinda lazy to go back. So, we went to a different place instead.

Dismayed? Haha. A bit. But there's still next time. 

Horses! Since there was no 'Keep Off the Grass' sign, so this photo! Haha

Yeah, we ended up to The Beach, located in Dubai Marina opposite JBR
between Hilton and Sheraton Hotel. 

There are actually a lot of shopping stores, restaurants, coffee shops and other entertaining amenities at The Beach.
The Reel Cinemas at The Beach

You will surely get tired from hopping from one place to another.

Male Washroon at TheBeach ( It's like an Igloo made of wood)
And, if that happens, you may take a rest from the benches that are in the sidewalk or go to the shore, feel the sands between your toes and relax your mind from the calming beach waves sound.

Walking the whole stretch of The Beach

This photo (above) was taken around June/July this year.
Stars and a crescent moon were displayed in celebration of Ramadan.

One of my favorites, the open ground with tiny light that change into
different colors at The Beach

I will be forever fascinated to these things at The Beach.
  Although this wasn't the place were I felt giddy and excited to be, but I had fun!
With the crazy and quirky ladies I was with, surely good times are expected. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

One Friday the 13th Drive to the top of Jebel Jais

The Tallest Mountain in the UAE

It was one fine Friday the 13th when I and my buddy decided to drive up to one of the tallest mountain here in the UAE, the Jebel Jais. It is located in Ras Al khaima, one of its seven (7) Emirates and is about more or less 3-hour far drive from Dubai; where we live.

@ the foothill of the Jebel Jais

Surely, you have heard a lot of horror stories that happened on Friday the 13th but fortunately, we were safe and sound driving up to the top and going down. It is 1,910 meters high and has its peak at 350 meters situated in the east of middle of Oman and UAE with an altitude of 1,925 meters. I admit, horrible thoughts have lingered my mind in a bit as we were driving up passing through rough roads and some steep trails going to the top but my buddy is good at driving, so I got settled.

Going, to the top, I spotted some communities living at the hillsides of the mountain.

This is the first stop. Where you can attend to the calls of nature. Yes, washrooms and sheds are already built in this spot. I forgot to take photos of them though :P

And, we made it to the top!

Enjoying the Sun almost setting, overlooking the Ocean.
This is already almost at the top of the mountain, beyond the safety zone where visitors must only be but we're kinda dare-devil so we drove passed through along with other stubborns haha


Over looking the city, from almost at the top of the mountain.
Stayed for a while to enjoy the super dark night sky with a blanket of stars. 

I can't remember the temperature at the top but by then it was already
freezing cold so we decided to head home.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Have You Been Hurt?

Have you been hurt?
That kind which heaves your chest,
Like there’s a giant iron ball on it,
That makes breathing a chore?

Have you been hurt?
That kind which makes you shed buckets of tears,
Like there’s a well inside of you,
That makes crying unstoppable?

Have you been hurt?
That kind which makes you scream in silence,
Like there are shards in every nerve,
That makes even the softest whisper painful?

Have you been hurt?
That kind which even the littlest of the little things,
Reminds you of everything, refreshes the wounds,
And again, feels the stinging stabs of yesterdays?

Have you?
Been Hurt?