Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Are You Happy?

After the two (2) out-of-town trips; which as of this writing, I just finished booking for another one - a Saturday escapade, I come home to a list of series and movies that I wrote on a paper and posted on the wall beside my bed - I got so much posts which reminds me to take some down and post some new ones up.

So yeah, a day at home had me glued to my bed watching episode to episode of my long overdue series and movies that whenever I see the title takes me back to each of its trailer vividly that only makes me wanting to rush and finish an episode that sometimes I just pause it and start with a movie.

I finished some movies and some eps and chatted with somebody until around 3:00 in the morning got me hit the sack with a smile on my face.

Little things, really.

Then I’ve woken up to a text on WhatsApp asking "Are you happy?".

The thought of the night prior surfaced and I replied "Yes. I am happy. Thank you for asking. How about you, are you happy? Why'd ask anyway?"

And he answered that he happened to see the post on IG that I liked and made him asked me, and that yes, he is happy too.

Well, it's true. I saw a post on IG about people being asked about almost anything but on feeling happy. It struck me that time and had planned on asking my friends about it but I was preoccupied with you know - visuals and virtuals, as I multitasked.

Happiness is definitely fleeting, this I know by heart. Last night I was happy, and I woke up feeling nothing until I was asked, which made me happy because somebody out there is concerned of how I feel.

Happiness for me varies from person to person. For sure the level of my happiness when seeing a clean sponge doesn't equal to anyone's who has seen the same, much more to someone's who doesn't really care about cleanliness. (a clean sponge, really? of all that I could use to compare. this only means one thing - wisdom :P). 

And I think that there are a lot of contributing factors to happiness - every thing (like, every thing!) that you see could affect mine's, your's or someone else's happiness.

To add, I really believe that it's just within us. I mean, as I have mentioned earlier, I woke up not feeling anything but when I was asked, I snatched out a thought; a happy thought, which made me feel happy in an instant. Well with that, it might work to some and not to others, but the point is we can control it.

Anyway, so around 2:00 in the afternoon. I was still in bed and didn't want to move, yet managed to send a text - 'Are you happy?' to a few dear friends through WhatsApp and below are their answers giving hints to what makes them happy.

Ch. 32.
Fair point. I couldn't agree more.

Ri. 24.
But of course! what makes a sweet-tooth happy?!

La. 25.
Yes. It is "Who" that makes her happy!

Om. 27.
Yes, a straight No.
This is where 'happiness varies from moment to moment' comes in.
He's at work and even sent a snap of his chaotic table
so a straight No is just right.

An. 27
Oh I know she is, VERY. 
However, days prior, she wasn't really.
And, am happy for you!

Ab. 33.
Well I know he's at work, and maybe his day was mundane or something
so yeah, that I guess so is just fitting.

Le. 27.
Oh, someone misses me. Haha.
Well, I can't last a day without having to talk to this somebody.
Such a happy spirit despite the toxic environment.

Kr. 33.
This lady is always happy, like every time you see her, she's all smiles and laughing.
An iridescent.
Which kinda had me like, what the eff?!
But yeah, happiness also varies from person to person.

I never find him unhappy, unless I made him haha nah I dunno
The most disciplined person I know.

Ja. 30.
I want to say that she definitely has a lot in her mind when I asked her this.
Oh trust me, I know how busy she is.

Ma. 34.
She has money. She gets sex whenever she wants.
She's happy most of the time but her answer surprised me.

So, how about you? Are you happy?