Sunday, September 28, 2014



   This is about a game on Instagram, wherein you have to tell 20 facts about yourself if you have been tagged to a photo of just anyone. In my case, it was my crazy sister who brought me in the loop. So, there I was, thinking about these 20 facts; which surely a lot of people do not care about, but I couldn't get my self into writing and since I was meaning to blog something about coffee so I thought of why not just combining both? And, here's what I thought of!

1. I got a boy friend who calls me KAPE (coffee)
Yes. every time we get to see on skype or in fb or in just any portal of communication to just randomly exchange how are you's and how's our day have been; coincidentally, I was always having coffee. Which, leads to birthing me that name. BUT, never had I gone out coffee with him, yet. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Dear You,

The very reason I wrote this is because I have been thinking too much of you lately, that even in my sleep, my mind could not skip its favorite thought - You.

I have no idea how you were able to penetrate the skepticism that walled my mind but you successfully did. Flattery to me goes nowhere yet you were able to make me linger on those sweet, beautiful words you had for me. I am good at dodging - better than anybody else - ignoring feelings is one of my expertise yet I wasn't able to glide away from the charisma that you fortuitously flaunt.

Every day, I am looking forward to seeing you. A sight to behold as to my entranced heart. I want to deny this but truth be told, your eyes get me all the time. I could melt in your stare. I am willing to get melted by those glorious look you are always giving me. You are the epitome to what Olaf of the Frozen movie said, "some people are worth melting for."  You are like Adonis and I swear my life that I am more than willing to be the head-over-heels Venus and gift you a Cupid of our own.

BUT, that is my heart talking, wishing that she could blindside my mind and get lost in the maze of irrational stupidity.

I could let my heart decide. I could. But it had been several times that it led me down. And as always, it's the mind that picked up and glued the pieces. The latter knows the flickering and wavering  tendency of the former so much that it; most of the time, intervenes in the midst of whatever situations before a damage to any party is done.

You have definitely awakened the sleeping liberation inside me. You are enticing; tempting enough to get engulfed by nature's temporary abyss. Yet, I need to hum her to sleep again to give the mind the liberation it deserve, for a lifetime.

I thank you though, for making me realize that I am still human. That I, too, have a crazy and irrational heart, like any others. I still look forward to seeing you every day, but this time I think I know how to go off course your aura; which dearly appeals to my interest.

Me (insert brewed coffee) 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Beloved, Jelay. Happiest Birthday!

It felt like it was not long ago when I get to babysit you then you fell on the floor for I got too busy playing rubber bands with my girlfriends. You are a grown up now! I wish I could absorb that but I just can't, yet. Anyway, looking back, I sure was the best singer in town for I was able to lull you to sleep with my amazing voice and I thank you for that. I was living a dream back then. HAHA. You even made me realize that I was a stylist/fashion designer/etc for with you I had my very own model, my living doll who I get to dress in my own liking. Since you were so cute in your baby-toddler years (ooops), I was so proud tagging you around college campus, for you were just too adorable to anyone’s eyes. You were the darling of the crowd. With your wit and animation, you never failed to catch attention. You were so lively that had drained me off a lot of times but like a charm, you could bring one’s wallowing energy back to life.

Now, you are years older from those moments. Still, you continue to possess such spirits. And, I am so thankful for that. As life goes on, as it relentingly will, be a charm for always, not a debbie downer. With the uncertainties, adversities and some unfortunate situations, take heart yet be it resilient enough to know when to bounce back on track. Life is not fair. That is the reality. However, you got to be optimistic enough and see that you are definitely blessed. Know your worth, for surely you would stride with pride around the shambles of this very world, with everything that you have.

I am so grateful that you are my sister, though I may want to wring your neck most of the time but they unmatch how glad I am for having you in my life. You are one the greatest things that ever happened to me and cherish beyond forever. I love you, Happy Birthday!   

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just A Few From The Many Benefits of Coffee

Addicted, yet?
Sure I am but, are you?
If you are, don't fret!
To justify such addiction
and have a guilt-free
wonderful moments with
Own What You Love!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yes, To Positivity

A disheartening state
Another twist of fate
Are you giving in now?
Or push still, anyhow.

Life’s a cycle, they say
Cling to it anyway
Now, you may be so down
If you must, wear a frown

Yet, don’t dwell long enough
Go bounce back and act tough
Such painstaking longing
Is but of nature's thing

Tomorrow promises
Springs of hope for always
Yes, to positive's call
Ces’t la vie, afterall

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Take Me To The Moon and Back

Supermoon, Sept. 9, 2014. Dubai, UAE
The Moon. I love it since I don't know when. Wherever I am, whatever I might be doing, when I get to stare at it, I sure would find myself staring longer like my eyes are glued to its magnificence. I can't help it. I am fond of it. I am fascinated.

I am in love, with the Moon.

What is with it? That I want to ask myself, too. But all I could utter is, I don't have any idea. And, all I could think of is that, the light it sheds; which illuminates through the major part of this vast planet, is like an enticing phenomenon that needs to be attended to. That, if I get past looking at it, it would feel like I missed an unknown greatness of something.

There is electricity in the moon, as I have read somewhere. Maybe, it is that which diffuses an energy dragging my attention and get bewitched by it, in no time.

Its radiance is like a balm that could soothe out all the creases in your mind. There is serenity in the moon . It absorbs even the hardest emotions but takes them lightly as it listens to the rant of the heart. Its silent glare is never judgmental. It is blinding. Blinding enough that could send you into the pit of oblivion as long as you allow.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Re-blog: When You Fall In Love With Someone Who Can’t Love You Back [Ari Eastman]

Everything is going to hurt. Actually everything. You think maybe it’s from sleeping on your Craigslist couch every night. Seriously, it’s f*ck*ng uncomfortable. You’ll consider going to your bed, but there’s something too official about it. Your bed means you’re going to try to sleep. And you know you can’t sleep these days. Pain will radiate from your back, spreading itself like tree branches into your chest, your arms, your legs. You will turn on the TV to distract yourself, and one of those fucked up “depression hurts, but you don’t have to” commercials will come on. You will want to throw your water bottle at the screen. But you hurt too much for the energy that would require. You hurt all the damn time. You think that maybe you should get a prescription for Cymbalta.

He has used the word friend towards you 10 times in one night. You are his friend. You are his buddy. You are his bro. You think you might throw up. You haven’t thrown up since you were 6 years old, but your stomach feels like it’s being repeatedly punched. You are like a rat in a psychology experiment. You are becoming conditioned to feel sick at the word friend. Friend. All you start to hear is end. There is no beginning to what you want. It’s already the end.

You sit on the bottom steps outside your apartment building as he drives away. You are holding a flower he gave you. It didn’t mean anything. None of it ever does. You think about how much you wanted to kiss him, and start to silently cry alone, on those bottom steps. You must look like a college cliche. You are tipsy, crying because you like a boy so much. You hate yourself a little for how easily the tears stream down your cheeks.

Don’t convince yourself he looks at you the way you look at him. You can feel yourself inch closer in your seat and lean so hard on your elbows to be near him, that you wake up the next day with bruises on them. He goes to bed with bruises on his heart from the woman he still loves. You don’t even know her, but you hate her. You hate that you hate a human being you’ve never met. You hate that he’s ever cried over her. And you still cry over him.

You will practice what to say to him. Maybe start with, “Hi, I think I’m falling hopelessly in love with you and the idea of just being friends actually makes my body physically hurt.”

No, that won’t work. Read More


Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Golden Rose

 Gold Rose
"the flower of the field and the lily of the valleys"
Songs 2:1

This single blossom gold rose made me remember the Golden Rose
that the Catholic Church commemorates (Rose Sunday)
and blesses every fourth Sunday of Lent,
along with vests and draperies which symbolize hope and joy
amidst Lenten solemnity.


Gold roses are occasionally given to royalties, military figures,
government and Church sanctuaries as a symbol of reverence or affection.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Few Reasons Why I Ditched (For Now?) Facebook
This morning, as ready as I was to work starting with searching for a website that could convert pdf to jpeg; and vice versa online, I realized I was typing 'facebook' in the address bar. At exactly 5 days ago, tapping those keys was part of the daily routine. Each moment I opened a browser, Facebook came first before any other necessary/unnecessary reels of sites. I actually had two Facebook accounts, one in which I got thousands of contacts; for my students, acquaintances, not-so-close friends and not-so-close relatives and the other one - which I only had less than 50 contacts - for my closest friends, cousins and immediate family members ONLY; a group of people whom I could show my REAL FORM (insert coffee and evil grin). So it has been sometime since I ditched my first account (the almost public one) and just 4 days ago with my second account (personal). Did I miss it? Definitely yes. Definitely maybe. Definitely not.  

I joined Facebook way back 2009. It was just one of the many platforms I got busy with apart from Friendster, Multiply and Wayn. Eventually, it stood out among the mentioned social avenues up to date. I got addicted to Facebook; from home to work to wee hours - when I get awake in the middle of the night - I checked and later realized that I have spent more than enough time on it. Who doesn't? Well, if you don't, good for you.

While rummaging online, I found a lot of people who have quit Facebook since long time ago. They have their reasons for quitting. Reasons that I find sensible enough to quit from such social medium than mine. Regardless, we have the same denominator; to get unleashed from the time consuming Facebook. What are my not-so-sensible reasons? Here they are:

Naruto Shippuden. An anime/cartoon about a boy named Naruto Uzumaki, a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition, as well as to become Hokage, who is acknowledged as the leader and strongest of all ninja in the village. This! Since time immemorial I have been following from episode to episode and season to season but have to stop somehow due to my gray and frenzied hurly-burly work back then. And now, since I got an extra decent time in hand, am on to finishing this before attending to the second reason of ditching Facebook.

How I Met Your Mother. A sitcom about Ted; a smart, semi-formal and a hopeless romantic achitect, who is narrating to his children about how he met their mother and his awesome moments with his friends throughout. (Huh? Still? You may react, but yeah.) Yes. Too shallow again, right? I am already halfway to the end of the 5th season. Heard this TV series long time ago but I wasn't that interested until just these days. And, right after the end-finale of this series, I will be burying myself to...

Game of Thrones; The Song of Ice and Fire. A series of epic fantasy novels written by American novelist and screenwriter George R. R. Martin. The story of A Song of Ice and Fire takes place on the fictional continents Westeros and Essos. The point of view of each chapter in the story is a limited perspective of an assortment of characters that grows from nine, in the first, to thirty-one by the fifth novel. Three predominant stories interweave: a dynastic war among several families for control of Westeros; the rising threat of the superhuman Others beyond Westeros' northern border; and the ambition of Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled daughter of a king, to assume her ancestral throne (Wikipedia). Totally! I kind of watching its TV version but got so frustrated with the twists these script writers made, so here I say am ditching it as well and on to get lost with the paperback!

These are just the three major, selfish, non-sense reasons I have (still got lots; but can't think of them for now, LOL). But for me, these are more sensible stuffs and worth doing than Facebook-ing.

How about you, can you ditch Facebook?