Friday, January 12, 2018

The Untitled Kiss

i was in a place - somewhat like on top of the highest layer of the earth.
it was beautiful.
cloudy and a paradise-like yet comes with weird stuff.

the water was a combination of dreamy white, blue and green, and a bit eerily-amazing as you can see the moon brightly shining aligned with the water to its very far end.

a deep-blue water in the middle from the shore that no one dared to go beyond the visible underwater sand as you would sink to nowhere despite knowing how to swim out.

i enjoyed however.
i loved it there.
yet was fully aware to stay just a few meters away from the bare white sand.

head off to my room as i already had my fill.
washed off the salty remains.
dried and in bed the soonest.

 scrolled the time away on IG search page.

you came in,
a kissed on the lips and a "Goodbye"


not a single thought of you crossed my mind even in the presence of the moon.

were you there the whole time?

looking at your toned back, walking towards the door.


you came back and kissed me some more.

we kissed.

did not stop kissing until i feel you brushing over me.