Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mandi [also known as Haneeth]

Mandi (Arabicالمندي‎), also known as Haneeth, is the traditional dish of Hadhramaut and many other Yemeni cities. It is now very popular in the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and in many other Arab countries, such as Egypt and Syria. The word mandi comes from the Arabic word nada, meaning dew, and reflects the moist 'dewy' texture of the meat.[1]
Mandi is usually made from rice (basmati), meat (lamb or chicken), and a mixture of spices. The meat used is usually a young and small sized lamb to enhance the taste further. The main thing which differentiates mandi is that the meat is cooked in the tandoor(taboon in Hadhrami), which is a special kind of oven. The tandoor is usually a hole dug in the ground and covered inside by clay. To cook mandi, dry wood is placed in the tandoor and burned to generate a lot of heat turning into charcoal. Then the meat is suspended inside the tandoor without touching the charcoal. After that, the whole tandoor is closed without letting any of the smoke outside. Raisins and pine nuts can be added to the rice as per one's taste.
Mandi serves as the main dish considered  served during special events, such as weddings and feasts.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Car Lift Moment [belhasa motors - first gulf bank metro]

Me: what nationality are you?
Driver na gwapo: Pakistani
Me: ah, i've met lots of pakistani already and they're good people.
Dng: there are good, there are bad you know.
Me: yeah, im blessed ive met the good ones. How long have you been here? are your kids here too?
Dng: no, not married. my fiancee broke up with me, she's in london. no girlfriend now.
Me: oh, how come? you are handsome, surely there are lots of women whod like you to be their bf. What's your name?
Dng: Hussain
Me: That's your first name?
Dng: no, Baber Hussain. You?
Me: Im Bibi, my friends call me babes but just call me bibi.
Dng: babes means beautiful
Me: yes, that's me. (katawa ever, bagag nawong mode)
Dng: you are beautiful
Me: of course i am. haha (baga jud ug nawong)
Dng: so, babes do you have husband, bf or etc?
Dng: why? you are beautiful!
Me: because im picky, im choosy you know. im looking for someone who is blah blah blah.. and i like big men. i just noticed, pakistani men are big. (kanang, murag ambot, murag mali, kay perting katawa na namong tanan)
Dng: yeah we are. so you like big, babes?
Me: wahahahaha, eeerrr, i dunno. wahahahaha. i just want someone who could protect me you know, like when there're bad guys and everything.. you like petite women or of your physique?
Dng: well, it doesnt matter, i look the heart. (duh, heart2x kaayo iyang peg! mas may sense pa ni skoa, hahahah)
Me: wow, you're romantic!
Dng: do you want to go to Jumeira beach? just to see the view.
Me: (mao lagi ni ba, invite2x dayon.) no, we are hungry already and we still have more appointment to attend to. (charmos, ginamos, termos)
>pag-abot sa among babaanan..
Dng: i will get your number from ellen babes, ill contact you (kaning ellen man gud, nga tawon ddto ra mi sa site nagkaila, perting ingon nga magpinsan mi and that we live together.
Me: sure sure, thanks!
Ellen: ate, penge ng number mo, baka itanong s'kin.
Me: ay, wag lang len :D see you around, good luck and God bless!