Friday, April 13, 2018

I Joined An Online Dating App; I Dated - A Social Experimentation

And I did. 

Having a profile pic below, I got swarmed with messages inviting for coffee, tea and whatnot.

I entertained some and I ignored a lot :P
Which I will be sharing how they were and my experiences with the former here.
So, brace yourself, you maybe one of them :D

Okay, let us start with how on earth i ended up on that app (i despise online dating :P) But I got so fed up with my friends' annoying and constant battery on me to put myself out there and attract a guy. Plus, a dear friend just got married to somebody whom she met on that app, so yeah, I gave in to their rants and signed away. It was also some kind of social experimentation and was nervous as I set the bar high on the number of men who would get interested in me and of course - what kind of men are in there (-limits to only those I've met).

It was the first dating app I joined in and it was not that difficult to figure how it works. Only that, the first minute i delved into it, I threw Likes away to every man that appeared on the screen, one after another LOL *sigh - ignorance excuses no one. HAHA

I did not know how many I have liked but a lot have liked me back (*chirpchirp-truth!). So yeah, let's unravel the mysterious guys who made the cut and got me out of my beloved abode (*bed) and my so-so routine.

Note: I entertained one guy at a time. :P

Drum roll ***

The Dentist, 33.
He bombarded me with messages on how much he was attracted to me (my profile photo). I checked his profile and seemed okay and legit so I entertained him. Days of chatting were great. He was so into me and would do everything I say just to have me - gigolo; proven and tested twice (I maybe wrong on testing him but I just don't trust in a flash). I still had one thing on mind to try out on him but the waters got murky at one night we planned to meet. I had a prior commitment - a movie with colleagues, but he was willing to wait, he said. He came straight from work and waited for more or less two hours outside of the mall - he could have done something else, but instead, he blasted my phone with messages and calls. I was so into the movie and my phone was in silent mode the whole time and got to read everything after - worst words ever! (Here is one 'decent line' depends on how you read it though - "f*ck!!! enough with the movie and see me!!!"). Thanks, but no thanks.

The Auditor, 31.
Had been pestering me to have coffee with him and am not really into trivial stuff (or I wasnt just really interested) but one day I got stuck somewhere and badly needed a ride and since he was raining my inbox I then decided to meet him up; win-win. Sent him my location and got a reply "Why the h*ll you are in there, I am coming". It was fun. He was cool. I liked him right away. Until, I saw how he takes the road. Patience - this he lacks. So, nope. Just not my cup of coffee. He still pests me til to date anyway, but naah. Pass.

The Realtor, 29.
The most talkative I have ever met! Like, how-can-I-make-you-stop-talking kind of guy (I know how to if I just wanted to) but to be fair, it was not that kind of full of himself convos. He was cute and has a very charming smile and I wanted to pinch his face with all my might. But we have never gone to touching after he made me wait for three hours (haven't really felt the wasted time as I was with my friend playing pool but the thought of it makes me cringe - I waited; unlikely me) as he had dental appointment. He was sorry and all but lame. So, bye. He still calls though, when I feel like talking I do pick up, but most of the time I just watch the phone ring and ring and ring. Tsk. Me.

The Engineer, 31.
I did bad to him. He was a kind soul. I messed up. But I was and am sure that he deserves someone better. I am just not the one.

The Photographer, 26.
I love photography and I found a common ground with him. So, we decided to meet in a place I have been planning to visit for a long time with a friend who have been bugging me for a photoshoot. He comes handy in those situations, haha. He has a friendly vibe and I am comfortable with him. And, we are planning to visit another location soon.

The Ideator, 32.
He had me at "you missed the P" opening line. The best I have ever talked to! He talked my talks and walked my walks. He's perfect! He piqued my interest in him so high that it was me who was in the place of inviting him out! I gotten so much into him that I even gone out of my usual ways for him (chat wise). Intellectual - my weakness, and playful - just what I like! But he was such a busy man; had me on a time frame; days prior to this date - which by this very moment of writing, we already stopped communicating, that he'd totally be free after the launch, debugged and polished their project. Totally honest on the project thingy as I was informed of the development from time to time but I am not patient myself and that he - like me - won't go out for petty meet ups unless it is something major he'd go against all odds to make it (ugh, men), which I myself is sure will not ever engage on.

A Lot Of Men - disclosed their intention of planning to not to get emotionally involved (am not sure myself of this either but i was like giving it a shot) upfront and were only there for fun (you know) which of course will not get myself into.

So there. Two weeks in the app and found myself bored. I deactivated and now back to regular programming, HAHA. At least I have tried. It definitely is not for me (I think) and I don't know what is. Well as I have read somewhere, "I don't know what I want, but am sure as hell I know what I don't want."