Friday, January 15, 2016

The Wedding

A lane of Poinsettia at Conrad Hotel, Dubai, UAE
She was an event organizer. She was artsy. Her friends gathered at her dining, persuading her to organize a small wedding. She is done event organizing but she obliged anyway. They were her friends; close friends, she can't just say no.

The place was beautifully done. She was sitting at the corner while unfamiliar faces kept flowing in, congesting the tiny decent room. She was unconsciously watching the bunch of people in rows of benches adorned with white roses and flowing royal blue sashes and she spotted him, caught looking at her then she looked away. She took a glance back checking him out if he was still looking and yes but sweetly staring now.

The people were ready. The place was ready. The wedding officiant was ready. Everything was ready but the bride and groom. They were nowhere.

Her friends came in. One of them directly went to his direction, leading him at the back of the seats right in the middle of the arc of flowers she made for the to-be-wedded.

He was the groom. Sleek and easy on the eyes.

She was wearing a long powder blue, venus cut and empire waist of chiffon dress. Not really trying to accentuate with the motif, Royal Blue.

Her friend, Celine, put a wedding veil on her.

She was the bride.

Oh. So he's my groom, she smiled to herself.

She was going towards him but stopped halfway, "I have to call Mom and Dad! But, this isn't like a real wedding, right? Right?"

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rain - Untitled

She: I'll see you there.
He: No. I'll pick you up.
She: I'll see you there.
He: You are not home, are you?
She: See you in 30 minutes.
He: But it's raining. I'll pick you up. Where are you?
She: I'm going. I don't have data and I ran out of load balance. See you.


He: I thought you weren't coming anymore. Why weren't you picking up my call? Where were you?
She: Told you I'll see you here. I'll just have Americano with milk on the side.

Full Moon - Untitled II

Full Moon in Abu Dhabi, UAE
He was on his back.
She was on her side.

His arm was her pillow.
Her leg was his cushion. 

He breathed in the open air.
She breathed on his neck.

He moved.
She's a light sleeper.
He spoke.
She's woken up.

'You talked in your sleep?'
'I dunno, I think so. I dreamed.'
'What was it about?'
'We were going to this place blah blah blah.'
'Oh. I dreamed too. We went to this place blah blah blah.'

Dreamers on a full moon night.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Full Moon - Untitled

He: //eating numbers, drinking acid rain and eyes glued to excel sheet.
She: //reading Berlin-artparasites

*After an Hour
He: //eating numbers, drinking acid rain and eyes glued to excel sheet.
She: //Bored.

She: //looked at him, intently// You know what?
He: //stopped eating numbers, drinking acid and looked at her// What?
She: Nothing
He: What, what, what?
She: Nothing, nothing, nothing!
He: Tell me!!!


She: //panting// I wanna go to Italy
He: //collected but seemed lost// When?
She: In October-ish? On my birthday. Maybe.
He: Okay.

*Hands Off
He: Let me get this done.
She: I just wanted the wrestles
He: //serious face// Let me get this done.
She: //looked at him, intently
He: //back to eating numbers, drinking acid rain and eyes glued to excel sheet.
She: //looked at the ceiling, trying to find a lizard and thought where have the lizards gone. and, realized she hasn't seen one since.. (she can't remember when)
He: //stopped eating numbers, drinking acid and took a glance at her// And, remind me that I have to sell some organs before September ends.