Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sneak Peek To Gensan's Highest, The Sanchez Peak

Sanchez Peak, Gensan's Highest.

Fortunately, I am one of those who have conquered and enjoyed the climb to the peak. The trail was not so steep, but it also had its share of sloped and slippery hill sides; which offer nothing to grab onto for support, and you really have to be careful, else see you down below.

Hike with Friends

Hey, wait up! 
Sanchez Peak is located at Balakayo, Brgy. Olympog, General Santos City, Philippines. Its name was after its owners, Mr. Jun Sanchez and family. It started in 2010 when Mr. Jun Sanchez decided to turn its piece of heaven on earth into a tourist spot with the help of his mountaineering friends who have seen the beauty and the potential of the place. And, it is now one of the most visited tourist spots in General Santos City, promoted and supported by Department of Tourism as one of the must-go-to places in the city.    
Friendship, one of the joys of Life.
Upon reaching the peak, you will be asked for a Php20.00/pax as entrance fee. It will be used for maintenance electricity. Yes, you read it right, electricity. The place is powered by a generator so you may charge your phones and cameras in case they got drained from documenting your way up there. Also, purified drinking water is available if you were not able to bring your own at Php40.00.

Surely, after the breathtaking trek (for neophytes), you need a place to rest up there. Good thing is that kiosks and tents are put up, but for rent; ranging from Php200-Php300 depending on the size. However, if you have brought your own tents or folding chairs, you may put them up anywhere you want within the vicinity of the peak and enjoy the view anyway you want. Washroom/comfort room is also provided to attend to nature calls.

Met a Friend (eeee) - Millipede
Actually, there are three (3) ways to reach Sanchez Peak. Taking the Balakayo trail which will take more or less than two (2) hours from drop off point or you may opt for the Balsinang trail if you are looking for a more challenging hike which will take you more or less than four (4) hours depending on your pace. Or, through Cassava Route (from Cassava Polomolok, the neighboring Municipality of General Santos City) which you will have to spend more or less than five (5) hours hike but offers a sweet treat along the way, the 7 Falls; wherein you can take a dip for a break and get a refreshing feel before going back trailing.

Sanchez Peak at Night
Overlooking the Sarangani Province
General Santos City
Moonlight sighting at Sanchez Peak
Rise and Shine!
Coffee-ing while waiting for Sunrise
There yah go... Good morning, Sunshine at the Peak
Trailing back down
Going down
Blue, Green and in Between
Sulking in the sun, drinking in the wonders of nature!