Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Beloved, Jelay. Happiest Birthday!

It felt like it was not long ago when I get to babysit you then you fell on the floor for I got too busy playing rubber bands with my girlfriends. You are a grown up now! I wish I could absorb that but I just can't, yet. Anyway, looking back, I sure was the best singer in town for I was able to lull you to sleep with my amazing voice and I thank you for that. I was living a dream back then. HAHA. You even made me realize that I was a stylist/fashion designer/etc for with you I had my very own model, my living doll who I get to dress in my own liking. Since you were so cute in your baby-toddler years (ooops), I was so proud tagging you around college campus, for you were just too adorable to anyone’s eyes. You were the darling of the crowd. With your wit and animation, you never failed to catch attention. You were so lively that had drained me off a lot of times but like a charm, you could bring one’s wallowing energy back to life.

Now, you are years older from those moments. Still, you continue to possess such spirits. And, I am so thankful for that. As life goes on, as it relentingly will, be a charm for always, not a debbie downer. With the uncertainties, adversities and some unfortunate situations, take heart yet be it resilient enough to know when to bounce back on track. Life is not fair. That is the reality. However, you got to be optimistic enough and see that you are definitely blessed. Know your worth, for surely you would stride with pride around the shambles of this very world, with everything that you have.

I am so grateful that you are my sister, though I may want to wring your neck most of the time but they unmatch how glad I am for having you in my life. You are one the greatest things that ever happened to me and cherish beyond forever. I love you, Happy Birthday!   

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