Thursday, September 25, 2014


Dear You,

The very reason I wrote this is because I have been thinking too much of you lately, that even in my sleep, my mind could not skip its favorite thought - You.

I have no idea how you were able to penetrate the skepticism that walled my mind but you successfully did. Flattery to me goes nowhere yet you were able to make me linger on those sweet, beautiful words you had for me. I am good at dodging - better than anybody else - ignoring feelings is one of my expertise yet I wasn't able to glide away from the charisma that you fortuitously flaunt.

Every day, I am looking forward to seeing you. A sight to behold as to my entranced heart. I want to deny this but truth be told, your eyes get me all the time. I could melt in your stare. I am willing to get melted by those glorious look you are always giving me. You are the epitome to what Olaf of the Frozen movie said, "some people are worth melting for."  You are like Adonis and I swear my life that I am more than willing to be the head-over-heels Venus and gift you a Cupid of our own.

BUT, that is my heart talking, wishing that she could blindside my mind and get lost in the maze of irrational stupidity.

I could let my heart decide. I could. But it had been several times that it led me down. And as always, it's the mind that picked up and glued the pieces. The latter knows the flickering and wavering  tendency of the former so much that it; most of the time, intervenes in the midst of whatever situations before a damage to any party is done.

You have definitely awakened the sleeping liberation inside me. You are enticing; tempting enough to get engulfed by nature's temporary abyss. Yet, I need to hum her to sleep again to give the mind the liberation it deserve, for a lifetime.

I thank you though, for making me realize that I am still human. That I, too, have a crazy and irrational heart, like any others. I still look forward to seeing you every day, but this time I think I know how to go off course your aura; which dearly appeals to my interest.

Me (insert brewed coffee) 

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