Sunday, September 28, 2014



   This is about a game on Instagram, wherein you have to tell 20 facts about yourself if you have been tagged to a photo of just anyone. In my case, it was my crazy sister who brought me in the loop. So, there I was, thinking about these 20 facts; which surely a lot of people do not care about, but I couldn't get my self into writing and since I was meaning to blog something about coffee so I thought of why not just combining both? And, here's what I thought of!

1. I got a boy friend who calls me KAPE (coffee)
Yes. every time we get to see on skype or in fb or in just any portal of communication to just randomly exchange how are you's and how's our day have been; coincidentally, I was always having coffee. Which, leads to birthing me that name. BUT, never had I gone out coffee with him, yet. 

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