Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Take Me To The Moon and Back

Supermoon, Sept. 9, 2014. Dubai, UAE
The Moon. I love it since I don't know when. Wherever I am, whatever I might be doing, when I get to stare at it, I sure would find myself staring longer like my eyes are glued to its magnificence. I can't help it. I am fond of it. I am fascinated.

I am in love, with the Moon.

What is with it? That I want to ask myself, too. But all I could utter is, I don't have any idea. And, all I could think of is that, the light it sheds; which illuminates through the major part of this vast planet, is like an enticing phenomenon that needs to be attended to. That, if I get past looking at it, it would feel like I missed an unknown greatness of something.

There is electricity in the moon, as I have read somewhere. Maybe, it is that which diffuses an energy dragging my attention and get bewitched by it, in no time.

Its radiance is like a balm that could soothe out all the creases in your mind. There is serenity in the moon . It absorbs even the hardest emotions but takes them lightly as it listens to the rant of the heart. Its silent glare is never judgmental. It is blinding. Blinding enough that could send you into the pit of oblivion as long as you allow.

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