Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Fun Friday Night @ The Beach, JBR

It was already Friday night when we have come to a decision where we wanted to go. We were actually discussing lots of places since the morning but couldn't land on one as each has arguments on whatever was suggested. So, yeah, after thorough deliberation; seriously? we settled on going to where I was so excited to go!

Nope, I wasn't excited coming to this place, as I have been here a couple of times already

This was were we found ourselves in. Haha.
For as we were about to leave our place, I suddenly thought of the proper clothing that must be worn when going to that other place.
Trying one of the fitness equipment that are sitting at the
sidewalk of The Beach.

We were clad in comfie clothes and it was already late if we were still to change and we were kinda lazy to go back. So, we went to a different place instead.

Dismayed? Haha. A bit. But there's still next time. 

Horses! Since there was no 'Keep Off the Grass' sign, so this photo! Haha

Yeah, we ended up to The Beach, located in Dubai Marina opposite JBR
between Hilton and Sheraton Hotel. 

There are actually a lot of shopping stores, restaurants, coffee shops and other entertaining amenities at The Beach.
The Reel Cinemas at The Beach

You will surely get tired from hopping from one place to another.

Male Washroon at TheBeach ( It's like an Igloo made of wood)
And, if that happens, you may take a rest from the benches that are in the sidewalk or go to the shore, feel the sands between your toes and relax your mind from the calming beach waves sound.

Walking the whole stretch of The Beach

This photo (above) was taken around June/July this year.
Stars and a crescent moon were displayed in celebration of Ramadan.

One of my favorites, the open ground with tiny light that change into
different colors at The Beach

I will be forever fascinated to these things at The Beach.
  Although this wasn't the place were I felt giddy and excited to be, but I had fun!
With the crazy and quirky ladies I was with, surely good times are expected. 

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