Friday, September 18, 2015

One Friday the 13th Drive to the top of Jebel Jais

The Tallest Mountain in the UAE

It was one fine Friday the 13th when I and my buddy decided to drive up to one of the tallest mountain here in the UAE, the Jebel Jais. It is located in Ras Al khaima, one of its seven (7) Emirates and is about more or less 3-hour far drive from Dubai; where we live.

@ the foothill of the Jebel Jais

Surely, you have heard a lot of horror stories that happened on Friday the 13th but fortunately, we were safe and sound driving up to the top and going down. It is 1,910 meters high and has its peak at 350 meters situated in the east of middle of Oman and UAE with an altitude of 1,925 meters. I admit, horrible thoughts have lingered my mind in a bit as we were driving up passing through rough roads and some steep trails going to the top but my buddy is good at driving, so I got settled.

Going, to the top, I spotted some communities living at the hillsides of the mountain.

This is the first stop. Where you can attend to the calls of nature. Yes, washrooms and sheds are already built in this spot. I forgot to take photos of them though :P

And, we made it to the top!

Enjoying the Sun almost setting, overlooking the Ocean.
This is already almost at the top of the mountain, beyond the safety zone where visitors must only be but we're kinda dare-devil so we drove passed through along with other stubborns haha


Over looking the city, from almost at the top of the mountain.
Stayed for a while to enjoy the super dark night sky with a blanket of stars. 

I can't remember the temperature at the top but by then it was already
freezing cold so we decided to head home.

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