Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stay Miserable or Start a Step To a Joyful Life?

I may have not been in the same situation that you are in right now
but i know for sure that it's beyond awful.
And, I feel you.

I have felt that devastating feeling.
I have been through sleepless nights.
I have had those tears dried in my ears and pillows from unstoppable cries.
I have had my share of those sudden heart thugs when memories clouded my mind.
Those mini heart attacks that were physically paining.
Yes. I feel you.

Do not dwell.
Give yourself a break.
Do not deprive yourself of the time you deserve.
The time to feel better.
The time to stay away from whatever that is crushing the entire you.
Block if you must.
Distant yourself.
You may miss them, you will surely miss them and again realize how much you love them,
such jolts of hormones
but you have to distract yourself from those wearing memories.

Get yourself busy.
Such a lame advice but has worked on me many times.
Do a lot of sidetracks, away from them and devote to something;
anything that you could bury yourself into,
anything that you can be proud of in the future,
anything that would make you realize that there is so much more to life than sorrows.

No one can help you but yourself so you got to decide now.
Stay miserable or start a step and on to a joyful life?

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