Friday, October 29, 2010

Fake Terror: Swarming America

The most powerful country, USA is now facing a fake terror, which is believed that the alleged author is its own President, Barrack Obama. This issue has circulated mainly to drop the tanking of his approval ratings. The White House is trying to destruct the public’s attention and instead focus to other issues like unemployment rates and etc. One of the strategies of this fake terror is the heightening of the security alert that the President had directed to U.S intelligence and Department of Homeland and Security although a package that has been found in one of the flights bound for UK carries no threat at all.

In the wake of October, Law Enforcement agencies are all geared up for the possible threats that might sweep the country, likewise, airplanes and the Americans traveling abroad are all cautioned.
Actually, two planes that have just landed to two of the US airports were scanned for a possible carrying of explosives, yet it was cleared and found none, a so fake terror. Some say, this is such a desperate move, trying to protect the country from outside enemies where in fact the enemy is just inside the country.

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