Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Wondering Wanderer: Unleashed [Post Birthday Adventure - Fujairah, UAE]

First Off.

 coffee shop

Yes, it was Hot and I was with someone Hot
(nah 'tis just my way of thanks)
but still I need something Hot!
My favorite delight - brewed coffee!
Plus, I belong! Black and Red colors really appeal to my interest,
my heart skipped a beat seeing Grano Cafe's red and black couches.

road trip

Off to the road, we go!


And who wouldn't fall in love with my backdrop?

To someone who had shut the door for months,
left me hanging with the thoughts
that haven't left even a day off my mind.
Yes, I was thinking about you.
This very moment.
So wanting to write you down
to somehow appease the churning insides.
The Heart Gone Cold.
Yes, it was you.

♫ Let's go to the beach (beach) let's go get away ♫♪
Upon hopping inside the car, I was asked
'where are your extra clothes?'
'what clothes?'
So, this is why..
Fujairah is known for having a long stretch of shoreline,
fishing, snorkeling, diving and any other water adventures.

Obstacles are of different forms.
They may try to hide the light from you,
But know in your heart where to look for it.

I. See. You.

Having someone who looks after you at a distant,
is like being taken cared of without feeling the presence.

I really could use some smoooooch right now!

Err, it's a bit far but that which at my palm
is the statue-like of the Seven (7) Elders or Rulers of
the Seven (7) Emirates of the United Arab Emirates

Sometimes, you need not to be mindful of anything.
Just do your thing, and do it good.

Did I just nail the Look Up Pose? HAHA
The inside (above photo) and outside (below photo)
view of the one of the defense pillar
of Al Bidya Mosque.

Dear Fujairah,
Am so not done with you yet.
So, see you soon!


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