Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lost In Confusing, Senseless, Fragmented Thoughts - OVER COFFEE

My ever favorite - Americano Coffee
@ Tim Hortons 
Americano Coffee
coffee thoughts

I want to write. Of what about, that I don't know. My mind has been through a lot of things these days that I am so eager to pen them out my head and yet I can't even find the will to do it. Or, I might somewhat need to be switched up but do not know where that damn switch is. I have been burying myself into a book that every time I come across with catchphrases, an inspiring line or even just a word that sent stings into my heart, I thought of writing down about them. But the very moment I start to tap for keys to form words, sentences, paragraphs, to a piece that makes sense of out confusing, senseless, fragmented thoughts, I lost it.

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