Saturday, November 22, 2014

You Gave Me Butterflies And A Bubble

It was all butterflies in my stomach moment that very first time I met you. I was tickled pink and you literally caused me to bubble. Yes, bubbling in the sense that there was a little bubble; like it was squirted out, in between my two front teeth, while babbling our minds off with hello's and how are you's up to the very recent escapade we have been into.

How did that happen? Well, I don't know for all I could remember was that I was all smiles. I might have had caught a bit of air while sweet talking to you and got it suffocated within tiny amounts of my spittle. I am still embarrassed with the thought though but seeing you, having to shake your hand and the chance to chat with you were overwhelming enough let alone the embarrassment aside.

Truth be told, I fall easily. I fall heart first into anyone or just anything that appeals to my interest. I fall like a thousand times in a month. And, when I have fallen, I dwell for quite some time and then bounce back when a certain fall does not feel or seem right.

I was joyfully elated that time. That was your effect on me. And, the thought of meeting you again made me giddy for the weekend to come. I caught whatever that feeling was called and loved it, that time.     

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