Monday, October 24, 2016

Why Are You Angry?

Why are you angry?
Am not angry, I'm disappointed.

ME: I forgot my phone at home °~°
FRIEND: Don't you have a love life?! :P
ME: °,°

Everyday, I fight a battle.
A battle between getting up from the annoying alarm and pressing the snooze,
again and again and back to La La Land.
I often succumb to the latter which always got me doing RUSH HOUR 3.
To which, one day, resulted to forgetting my phone on my bed
(over jealous here) for half day.
I took a half day leave from work for I needed to process something
and went home straight to collect my phone and I came home to this:  

my kind of normal when phone's not attended for half a day
I so wanted to fly to my scheduled appointment but
I needed to go to my bank first for some docs:

Me: Hi, I need these get stamped.
He: No, we don't do that.
Me: What do you mean?
He: We provide the copies here.
Me: Okay, please provide me with theses dates.
He: 150AED all in all.
Me: What? Why are you charging that much?
He: Why are you angry?
Me: Am not angry, I'm disappointed. I don't have to pay for those.
It should be free of charge.
(He was preparing the docs while I was venting out anyway and..)
He: Here (handing me the papers)
Me: Seriously, 150AED?!
He: Kalas.
Me: *staring at him, confused.
He: That's free (and smiled)
Me: Oh gaad, you got me. I'll get you back on this!
(while I hurriedly prepped my things, stood and ready to go, he quipped)
He: Sure. You're welcome, Aidalyn
(Turned to look at him while kinda surprised on how he knew my name and immediately realized that it's on the docs - ugh! - I was eaten by haste. I wasn't on Earth for a while.)
Me: Thank you, (searched for his name at the plaque on his table) Samir Ibrahim.
*Oh, them guys. mga pa-cute °,°

Don't let stress overwhelm you.
You'd get tripped on, big time.
And again, it all boil down to time management (ugh!).

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