Saturday, July 10, 2010

According to Junior High School Students, LOVE MEANS/IS?

This morning, as I was cleaning my closet of books, notebooks, tons of love letters (naks! i'd rather keep them than bills.LOL), paper cuts of different shapes, old stationery papers, song hits of the past and all other things for and from school to things which fascinated me, an autograph resurfaced (a garfield designed, had i liked garfield then?).

I could tell that I am definitely a keeper...of things.LOL

Good thing is, i had this autograph way back high school and it has a post script! written on its back cover that it came to my possession on the 6th, July 1997, bought from Kimball Plaza (super buhi pa ang Kimball) and with me were Joy ( don't if it was Abaquita or Matabalan), Sheila (Estrellan or Robleza, i forgot), Arben and Sharon, according to the PS.

Anyway, as i flipped through the pages and hover from my classmates' first crush, first love, the most embarrassing moment, the line LOVE MEANS/IS caught my attention. There I have in my autograph the meaning of LOVE according to my 3rd year classmates! Hahaha

Ok, let's have a roll call!

..blind and not conceited (Joy Matabalan)
..the feelings of human being if they are in love (Maribel Albao)
..being sleepless every night (Rauvi Vidad)
..seductive feelings to someone (Christian Cutamora)
..rainbow (Verma Merca)
..exotic feeling to someone else (Josepg Daniel Dughon)
..serious feeling (Junjelyn Descallar)
..understanding and loving each other (Mariestel Aparente)
..happiness to all of us (Sharon Peria) take care (Randy Tayoto)
..everything (Edward Trancy Ng)
..can change everything (Melanie Varona)
..greatest affirmation that you can give to a person (Jerelyn Mangubat)
..everything (Sheila Marie Robleza)
..___________ (Ritchel Sauro)
..secret (Arben Bongolto)
..___________ (Sheila Estrellan)
..conquers all (Aidalyn Balcita)

Whew, thoughts of LOVE from 15-yr olds way back 1997!