Tuesday, July 6, 2010

oUt of Non-SenSe

I was in my non-sense search for non-sense things when I stumbled on this, let’s see if it makes sense.

Five Ways to Make Yourself Approachable
By Married Jake of MSN Lifestyle

Ladies of the world, please realize that it takes a lot of guts to approach you. No guy wants to come across as a creepy lothario, so use one of these five gestures to let guys know you're open to some flirtation.

The great tragedy of the dating world is that the large population of guys who'd like to talk to a girl and the large population of women who are waiting to be talked to hardly ever meet each other.

As the old man of dating advice, I'd like to remind all you single ladies that as men, we are faced, often, with the simplest and yet most unsolvable of problems: if we approach a woman we don't know, we're the creepy pick-up artist who you'd like to escape from; if we don't approach a woman we've never met, we are the wimpy guy who won't take action.

That's basically the internal dialogue going on in most men's heads when they're at a party or a bar and see someone they'd like to talk to. So we need to know that we've got a green light.

Here's how to make it more likely that the guy will actually approach you (given that's what you want)…

1. Uncross your arms
Nothing says 'Do Not Enter' like a pair of crossed arms. It makes a person seem suspicious, unhappy to be wherever she is, and likely to scold us.

2. Make a little unsubtle eye contact
Dude, enough with the fleeting glances. I can't tell you how man times I've sat there talking to my friends about whether or not a woman gave a meaningful look or just happened to sweep over us with her gaze. You don't have to look like a hungry cannibalistic zombie, but you should realize we like unambiguous signs.

3. Look bored
If you seem like you're having the time of your life, we will be less likely to want to interrupt it.

4. Smile
Dorky and self-help 101 as it sounds, a smile makes someone way more approachable. It's kind of the opposite of the crossed arms, as far as the advertisement you're making to the world.

5. Don't bring a guy as your wingman
It's a temptation, since it makes a woman look less like she's out looking to meet someone. But, you know, if you are out looking to meet someone, why try to hide it?

Now, does it make sense??

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