Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sLeepLess Me

by tenrou
It has been a while since I hit the sack in the early nights. 12 midnight seemed still 5 in the afternoon for me. It has been my every day routine and no matter how I tried to accompany my longing bed before 12midnight, I couldn’t make it.

Tonight is another night, another one of those nights when I restlessly attempt to get sound sleep as early as 11pm, yet again, I failed.

Actually, as with the notion “it’s all in the mind” (I am practicing this) I prepared my bed before 10pm, setting my mind that when the clock strikes 11pm, I will then be feeling the ME inside me, screaming to plunge to my bed, yet I failed. However, since I am in the mind setting mode to be a sleepyhead, I tried to lie down on my side, feeling my soft head pillow and smoothed mattress, comfortably placing my legs on top and circling my arms to the side pillows, closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

Tic..toc..tic..toc.. I opened my eyes, scanned the ceiling, looked for a lizard, looked for anything unusual and imagined shapes of the shadows made by the curtains with the lights from outside home.

Tic..toc..tic..toc.. I reached for my cellphone, re-viewed mobile pictures, rechecked latest missed and answered calls, scanned through saved numbers, read old messages, deleted sent items, and put the cellphone down and tried to go to sleep.

Tic..toc..tic..toc.. I got off from bed and went straight to the kitchen, rummaged the fridge and found the rebisco superthin (really thin) biscuit and made myself a milk. Enough with it’s all in the mind notion, they say, milk could help you sleep, so I had milk.

Tic..toc..tic..toc.. 12:00 Midnight. I found myself alone in the kitchen table, taking refuge from my milk and superthin as if they could do miracles and spread some fairy dust in my eyes. I failed and unleashed the insomniac ME inside.

In less than a minute, I found myself hurriedly turning on the computer and vigorously tapping keys to make words, words to sentences and sentences to paragraph and paragraphs to this. Yes, this. This (non-sense) blog.

Good Morning Everyone!

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