Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Hidden Paradise, Tuka Beach Resort!

For like so many years already, i have been hearing TUKA Beach Resort as one of the must-go-to resorts here in Mindanao. I have been planning for years but had not found time until August 9, 2013, an Eid Al Fitr, end of Ramadan, a Muslim Holiday. Actually, my friends (another group) were inviting me to join them to celebrate the holiday at Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province, I kinda turned down the invitation since I have been in that place for like the nth time already and I was thinking that if there's a place where I will spend my one day vacation, it would definitely be somewhere I have not been yet. So, i was like thinking of seeing myself the boardwalk and baywalk at Kiamba, which i have heard from a friend that it's so nice there to relax. Then, the place is set for my one-day-vacation trip!
For the entire day, a day before the holiday, I was like thinking of the baywalk, I was so excited and got overthinking which led to the birth of the idea of going to TUKA! Since, I will be in Kiamba, why not take the opportunity to conquer TUKA Beach, a 15-minute boat ride away from the Lourdes Park (near Kiamba Baywalk).

...and here I come!!

1. Anywhere you may from, you have to start your trip to Kiamba at General Santos City
So there, if you want a very relaxing vacation, I suggest, the very refreshing air and clear waters of Tuka Beach Resort at Kiamba, Sarangani Province.
2. Go to ABLOG Terminal, and ride a van to Kiamba (FARE: Php100.00/head)
3. After you arrived at the Kiamba Terminal, you ride a Tricycle going to Lourdes Park, where the Department of Tourism Office is located. (FARE: Php8.00/head)
4. You have to visit the Tourism office first before going to TUKA for Registration (name and address of the tourist), entrance fee payment and rental of the pump boat. (Entrance Fee: Day Tour - Php25.00/head, Over Night Stay - Php50.00 // Pump Boat Special Trip: Php500.00/1-5pax // Php1,300.00/6 and more pax // Stone Table - Php100.00 // Open Cottage: Php300.00 [Day and Over Night Stay])

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