Friday, September 6, 2013


ITEC Students

Here's how to insert videos from YouTube in a blog post. Read and follow the instructions carefully. For any querries, post a status in our Facebook Group Page. 

1. Go to and look for the video that you wish to insert in your blog post.

2. If you have already chosen your desired video, scroll down and look for the SHARE or IBAHAGI command button, CLICK it and look for the I-EMBED then CLICK it as well until the code for Embed of the video will appear. COPY the code by highlighting it and pressing CTRL C in your keyboard.

4. After you have already copied the Embed code, go back to your blogspot and CLICK the HTML (kindly refer to where the red arrow is pointing). If you have already switched into HTML mode, PASTE the code by pressing CTRL V in your keyboard.

5. After Pasting the code, your blog post will look like this image below. You can actually change the size of the display screen of the YouTube by changing the width and height as pointed by the red arrows in the image.

6. To check the video, SWITCH to COMPOSE mode (beside HTML) and then your video will appear. Go back to HTML mode and change the display screen size if you are not yet satisfied with the video size and then Click PUBLISH when you are through.