Friday, September 6, 2013

What Did Just Coffee Do To My System?

As I am writing this, it is already 3:09 AM in my watch. Jeez, I am feeling nostalgic, of? Of the previous me who can stretch up to this very hour, beating deadlines for my tasks online. I am born nocturnal, a self-confessed night owl who can make a day night and night a day. But, since I decided to focus on teaching and made online job as one of my side trips, I somehow managed to change my body clock. I had to, I have to. Although, I can still stay up late, but it wasn't like the previous anymore, when I was still able to witness the first creep of sun rays in the panes of my bedroom window.

And now, uhm, why am I still awake? Had already tried to shut my eyes closed and switched off my mind, but here I am, setting the keyboard on fire. I so want to sleep already. I even had milk to calm me down yet the caffeine in my system is just overwhelming. Why so? This is because I had two rounds of brewed coffee. A guilty treat ~ a delight that I just can't resist.