Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Ordeal of the HomeBased Pretty Woman with Protruding Belly Fats ^^

For years of being into online job (homebase); imagine, all day of sitting in front of your computer squeezing everything out from the internet to come up with the best idea in the world, is never an easy task and a bonus of aspects that could be detrimental to one's health if not considered. Let's take a close look.

First, physically. Your tummy will surely get bulging (belly fats, if you don't engage yourself into any exercises. So, i considered it first, well lots of ladies out there, which includes me who are so vain with their waistline), and there will surely be issues about blood circulation and not to mention that carpal tunnel they're talking about when you don't lean your arms properly as you are doing your things with your computer.

Second, mentally (mental-overload). You'll have that brain-drain or your brain might perhaps resist any information that you are trying to squeeze in; of which really really happens when I get to re-write an article for 5-10 times.

Third, emotionally and socially. Yes, you are in front of your computer doing your work without anything in contact personally, that could definitely have a big impact since personal touch (a tap on the shoulder perhaps) could definitely help, just in case you want to bash your virtual employer AND socially, because mainly, you are at home for like 24/6. You only got one day to catch up with your friends!

I know there are lots of you out there who can relate to my VERY ordeal, my protruding belly with fats! We can work with other issues; mentally, emotionally and socially in the next post, but for now let us focus and get physical! I am actually petite in size but I unfortunately have this bumpy belly, not that I am pregnant but it is just annoying enough that I always got a hard time buttoning my jeans (urgh!). So, for like forever of suffering from tucking in my tummy in a not so healthy way; like i really hard time breathing, I decided to trim these belly fats down (an inch everyday would do, haha, i wish!). So there I was one night, rummaging the web for an exercise that could be possible and easy way to do it, and luckily I found one. It is definitely easy to do! And, here I am sooo glad to share this video with you which I found in youtube.

From this day onward, I will be doing these exercises religiously to get rid of these belly fats! Like EVERYDAY!!! I so mean it (crossing fingers). As of today, February 3, my waistline is 29 inches (iew!) and I only give myself a week to trim down, let's see if this really works. Good luck to me! Haha. So, do you want to start with me? ^^