Saturday, February 1, 2014

February - It's LOVE month already!

OMG, it is February already! Wow, how could time flies this fast?! It was just as if yesterday when I did jump for new year (err, hoping to at least grow an inch!) and now, it is LOVE month already! Surely, when I go malling, there would be lots of hearts hanged and posted everywhere. Yeah, like wherever you go and whichever direction you look into, you'll be seeing those red heart-shaped made of papers, styro and everything as long as it can be held and shaped a heart! Actually, as I am doing this post, I remembered a picture of mine in one of the malls, with a solid and high platform in letters spelled LOVE, but sadly couldn't find it as I as planning to include such picture in this post.

Anyway, since for the nth time of watching the movie FROZEN, me and my little sister can actually say the next lines that the characters have to say to each other. Yeah, we are that fanatic of the movie. So, going back to LOVE, that movie actually sighted something about LOVE. Yes, one of the characters, named Olaf talked about LOVE when Anna (one of the leads) told Olaf that she knew nothing about LOVE which then Olaf told her that he knows what love is. And that LOVE is putting someone else before yourself. And another, when Olaf stood beside the hearth and put woods to create fire, Anna told him that he'd melt if he would stay by the fire. But Olaf just told Anna that some people are worth melting for. Here's a picture of both which I have found in the internet:

Another thing, I remember that I posted about teens (15 years old) opinion about LOVE. Check this out!