Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What's your Life's Dream?

Sunrise @ Oman Road, Dubai, UAE
What's your life's dream? This was the question that had shut me off for a while. Silence washed over me upon hearing this from a newly found friend who; could be out of boredom or interest perhaps, asked me one night. I had even repeated the question to myself, to might fully absorb it or, give myself more time to dig some from my heart and mind of the dreams that could have been buried within long time ago. And finally there, one of the many dreams (I know I have a lot. Yes, a lot to not even thought of one immediately when asked) resurfaced and with the help of my smart mouth, I uttered "I wanna settle in Italy." Settle in Italy? Seriously? We'll get back on this later.

It wasn't actually the first time that such question was thrown on me. Way back; I think December of 2012, I was also asked by an Ex the same thing on our first date (he wasn't yet my boyfriend then) which I likewise have the same reaction; silenced, but have managed to stupidly ask, "Is it normal for a person to not have any dreams?" Really, such time, I can't just think of anything. Then this Ex led on telling like a dream house maybe, a car, business and so on which could surely make one's life convenient. Of course, I would love to have such things in my life, who wouldn't? But on a serious note, I really have not thought of those I was told as dreams. Dreams for me are those that are nearly impossible to realize unless you have very stable resources to suffice the becoming of such dreams.

Now, let's talk about this "I wanna settle in Italy" dream. Here's I think why I have this dream. My growing up was actually filled with stories about Italy from two of my aunts who are both Nuns. Way back, I was their only niece. I was actually the first niece on my father side so you can imagine, I have been showered of hugs and kisses and was a bit spoiled of their love. On their vacations, I always got loads of keepsakes; chocolates, things, miniatures of just anything that I still have kept in a glass cabinet back home, as well as stories of how Italy as a country and its people. So basically, I grew up with this little Italy world in my mind which I believe will always be within until I have gone there. Of which am planning to visit next year, actually.

Anyhow, just this afternoon, me and one of my closest friends were chatting the time away. We talked so many of random things as if we don't get to talk a lot. And, all of a sudden, I made her silent as well with the same question about a dream in life. I told her about these guys who have asked me such and how I thought and reacted to it, and she had said the same. She was stunned as well, silenced and was in deep thought about the dreams that she had but have forgotten for years that she couldn't even land on one immediately. We've discussed as to how life's dreams change when you're little until you are officially an adult; which means the presence of bills and of somehow taking consideration of some people's (could be immediate family) needs. Indeed, as she said, with so much things in hand to be attended to in the now, the future goal could be at stake depending on the gravity of the attention the present needs. And, I just could not agree more.

How about you? What is your life's dream?