Monday, October 27, 2014

I Never Saw It Coming: A Belated Birthday Surprise

The usual thing I do on my birthday is going to places I have not been yet. And this year, I am so thankful I was able to do it despite being alienated geographically. I had a great time on my birthday. I did things that I only hoped of doing for the first time and I had so much fun to consider doing the same things again.

Like any other birthday celebrator, I also had a birthday wish; a G-Shock Aviation GA1000-8A. That love at first sight thing is very real and I am definitely a living testimony for feeling that with G-Shock Aviation. I even joked my mom about it telling that I wanted nothing but that watch on my birthday. To my surprise, a week before my birthday, she called up asking details for she was about to send me money so I could buy it. I find it so thoughtful of my mom of course yet I just couldn't take the money so I just told her that she could keep it since I already had bought something for myself.

I gifted myself a gold necklace with floating tiny diamonds in its heart framed pendant. I was contented with it and I am feeling a kind of romantic whenever I wear it (ha!).

But still, the thought of G-Shock Aviation had never left my mind. Its sturdiness, masculinity and dominance was like haunting me every time I wear a watch, EVERY DAY.

A week after my birthday, a friend of mine called up wanting to meet him at our office building door. Never had I expected anything but I know he was up to something since it was so unlikely of him to appear at my work place at that early time of day. When he arrived, I came down to meet him. He handed me a small parcel and quickly left for he still had to go to work.

And, Tadaaaaaa!

My biggest crush ever, my love at first sight was delightfully waiting for my awe to be washed from me. I just can't contain how I was feeling seeing it. I was joyously charmed. I was speechless.

I still couldn't figure out what have I done to deserve this but I am somehow digging the fact that - maybe, or no doubt -  I am a very good friend (insert evil grin). I honestly have a bleak imagination of my life here without him. Surely, I still would be enjoying but probably unlike how pleased I was from the first time I met him until today. I am fortunate for having a friend like him  and that is definitely one of the many things I am thankful of.

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