Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Kissed

Tuesday, 5.45AM
It was not my usual waking hour but I needed to get up since I have slept for almost 12 hours already. I was feeling so lazy; like I did a hard labor, the last day that I rummaged my bed the soonest I got home without even changing my office wear to my usual home clothes, a tank top and a comfy pair of shorts.

I went straight to the shower. I haven't done my night regimen so I was feeling eeky and needed to stay longer inside. Along with the warm splash of water on my body was also the swarming of the most recent fragments of memory in my mind.

He, holding and kissing my hand while driving; maneuvering the steer and changing gear - he did not let go, even awhile. Me, resting the  other arm on his back shoulder with my stirring hand playing on his nape and ear. We were driving around, enjoying the presence of each other, savoring the delightful feeling it was giving us. Simple yet intimate gestures. One of the wonderful moments I could not ever forget.

The road wasn't so busy. The city lights were still. The ride was silent. But the pleasure of the situation was one of the loudest murmurs that my heart had ever conceived. I made no haste. I desired more than the feels that our hands were giving us. I reached out to kiss him. I kissed him. He kissed me. We kissed.

Then my alarm went off. That irritating feeling you get when you are in your dream/deep sleep state then you hear that annoying sound religiously wanting to wake you up. It was 5.30AM already. I was tempted to press the snooze button but I needed to get up. I have so much to prepare for the day so I released myself from the warm embrace of my blanket.

A dream. So it was just a dream. A kind-of-naughty dream. But, it felt so d*mn real, IN MY DREAM.


  1. am a hundred percent sure the guy will rack his brain for premeditated blueprints,that dream should happen the soonest lol

  2. am so looking forward to that too! LOL the same feelings but with a different guy i so hope.

  3. Hmm.. I wonder who was it in ur dream..

  4. the one you commended for getting out of the car and shook your hand the first and the last time you met him :)

  5. ahhhmmm... so this anonymous is someone close to you Beebee?


    Why not make it real? & make it even BETTER & HAWWWTEERRR than stated above?Hihihi

    BTW..who's the guy??^x^

    (naughty meeeeeee)

  6. anonymous 3: the one i almost gone gaga with hahaha i sure would love this to happen in real tho 😜

  7. err, i remember the silhouette, his face unknown tho the gesture extended is still so vivid lol!

  8. oh yeah. it was a bit dim and the light post was behind us. and the memory of that night is still so vivid haha