Wednesday, October 29, 2014


My usual morning includes untangling the earphones from its frequent labyrinth state, readying to plug it in my cell phone as I get outside our apartment, strutting my way to the ever silent corridor with my shoe heels tapping on the stillness of its floor, going to the lift and down to the building ground. When I got inside the lift, I saw a word doodled in red crayon just below the elevator mirror which says 'secret'. I thought it was made by kids since I often stumbled with them playing hide and seek in the building or soccer in the car park.

The word brought me to a scene with my colleague while in the car going home. He was fidgety prior us getting into the car and was in deep thought for the first time ever. I asked if he has a problem or was there a thing bothering him. Yet his response was idiomatic, telling about discovering a situation was giving him a stomach ache. I did not get what he was trying to tell me so I asked him further. He preferred not to go into details but had explained what lie behind the idiom. He had accidentally discovered something but couldn't tell anyone about it that's why his insides were in turmoil.

Of course, the situation he was saying got me intrigued. I got nosy as ever that I kept on pushing the words out of him but to no avail. I was just told that with respect to the involved, he will only divulge the matter to his wife; who is out of the country. Since I had already exhausted my uber enticing charms to convince him that I could definitely keep a secret, I surrendered and lingered on the thought of an instance I remembered I read somewhere.

If my memory serves me right, it was about people who cannot keep secrets to themselves. Secrets are burden to them. They welcome every secret and enjoy the regard that they are being trusted yet after the instilment, they just have to share it also with their trusted one/s otherwise their entire being would explode. It was said, when they shared the secret to another person, they are being lifted from the burden of keeping it. And that the burden has been passed on to the new recipient, which is probably the case of my colleague.

In my case, I definitely do not belong under the category of the people mentioned above, for I surely could keep secrets. They actually rot inside me that even the teller has to remind me about it when it has to resurface, in time. So, want to tell me your secrets? Got lots of closets to keep them :)


  1. I can keep a secret if its nt related to me.. My secrets definately give me (as defined by u) stomach ache..

  2. oh. then i guess, some people deal with secrets depending on who owns them.