Monday, November 10, 2014


My best friend spoke of you. The way you smile, you got her melting.  
That smile. The kind of smile which had melted most of the girls hearts.
You almost got mine. But I was too busy enjoying somebody's smile then.
I didn't mind knowing you, personally. And I didn't care either.
But I got a hunch that we'll bump into each other,  one day.

And we did. We were introduced. So, yeah. That smile.
You flashed that unnerving smile over  my arrogance.
You did it. You got me. I know then what were they saying.
Most of the girls, swooned over you. They were just into you.
Then the little devil in me resurfaced. A challenge was birthed.

Took your digits from a friend and anonymously sent you flirty texts.
You weren't hard to get. You texted back, in flirty ways likewise.
We entertained each other. Me, being anonymous, and you being you.
I was being blunt with opinions unknowing that you had an idea who you were flirting with.
Days gone by and we were still doing the same.

We run into each other at parties or at just any casual events with our common friends.
I feigned ignorance about what was happening with us in our digital world.
And, you did the same. But, you weren't able to hold it longer.
You confronted me. You wanted the truth.
A confirmation of the identity along with the bits of emotions disclosed.

I wanted the ground to eat me whole that very moment.
But my haughtiness was overwhelming so I admitted, facilely.
I felt like everything came to light. No more shenanigans.
You fell, and I liked you. And we both agreed to jump into the wagon.
Hearts first.

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