Sunday, November 9, 2014

I Dreamed Of You

I dreamed about you. Is definitely an attention grabbing line.

Basically, not everyone wants to hear what we dreamed about. However, if you tell them that they were in your dreams, their interest to hearing everything will definitely be skyrocketing!

Actually, I just read this somewhere and decided to try it on a friend, and it did work. Haha. If you badly want to share your dream and your friends seem not interested, try this out but of course you got to squeeze them in to your dream. In short, you got to fake a story without making a big difference from what really happened in your dream.

I dreamed of different persons; who were special to me way back and the one who still is, along with my Dad.

Mine is a true story. And, I do not intend - even in the future - to use such line just to catch any one's attention.

For days, I have been bubbling and blabbing my heart and mind out to the newest platform my friend had introduced me. I loved it there that I went personal. However, I sort of decided that if I wanted to share just about anything, I want it done in my own space. I need no likes, no comments or anyone devaluing my thoughts and opinions. It is not that anyone has done to me the latter but let alone such platform along with other social media avenues out there.

Going back, in such platform, I have shared how I miss visiting our departed loved ones with the whole family during All Saints/Souls Day, especially my dad.

I lost my dad to cancer and I terribly miss him that until now I still got lots of what ifs. Every time I have accomplished something, he is the first in my thoughts. When I get so down, he comes in my mind. And when I did something not-so-good for an extended amount of time, he will definitely make himself present in my dream.

I am a bit mischievous lately, I forgot when it started but I know it will take awhile for as long as I still like it. Of course, my ever protective Daddy never failed to remind me, as always like before. He was in my dream, and I know why.      

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