Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I Wanted To Cry

i wanted to cry
but tears were somewhere but my eyes
i reached deep down for a push of emotions to surface
but to no avail

i wanted to cry
not just to clean my eyes
nor that for i was hurt or in pain
i was not

i wanted to cry
for they say a tear makes you feel light
for it heaves out whatever is weighing you down
whatever, vague. what are these whatever, really?

i wanted to cry
to feel human, perhaps?
for i was called cold-hearted, emotionless, logical
the list goes on but nah, lame.

i wanted to cry
that silent cry which could rip your throat out from suppression so no one could hear
that silent cry that tires the insides and burns the eyes
that silent and draining cry that makes you still feel crying afterwards 

i wanted to cry
but stopped and thought, what for?
again, i dug in for reasons that could justify the cravings for tears
still, to no avail

i wanted to cry
and you came across my mind
and i smiled

crap! even you.
even you, haven't given me reasons to.