Friday, November 20, 2015

Of Moon's Pull Off Me

Oftentimes, while on the way home,
my neck would do some to and fro sideways exercise from front to left.
Yes, as the setting sun brilliantly boasts his magnificence
across the horizon from my left,
I just couldn't refrain myself from looking over.
My eyes would stay still for sometime,
trying to drink in its wonder,
its striking hue of yellow, orange and red
until buildings and passing vehicles block my view.
And with the ever vigilant peripherals,
I would excitedly wait for a chance of another clear sighting.

However, yesterday was a different story.
While waiting for the endless vehicles passing by to come to an end,
I got tired and shifted my attention to my right.
Looked up and there it was, the almost-full moon.
Still and silently waiting its time
to outshine the remnant light of the setting sun.
It was white and bluish-gray, almost transparent to the vast sky.
It was beautiful.

Its beauty made the tide in me rise.
Then came the rush of memories flooding my mind.
And them beautiful, too.

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