Friday, November 20, 2015

What Really Was It That Made My Heart Panicked?

woken up from a weird dream.
my heart was pounding and my lungs were trying to catch air.
i was breathing heavily.
i reached for my phone to check the time, 02:09;
my usual waking hour at dawn.

i messaged a friend whom I wasn't able to reply before sleeping
and was told to get up, put some make up on,
shake up and to not leave the keys on the table.
i'd rather get back to sleep than make the effort of going out.

the scenes were so vivid then.
i can still remember how i blew air on the pad of my thumb
to settle my disturbed heartbeat
and how i told myself to not forget
the sequence of the scenarios
for I will write about it the soonest am fully awake.

and now here i am, trying to recall everything
but all i could muster were the vague settings;
came from a job interview,
chatted with friends on a boardwalk and the waters;
the vast body of water which i forgot
if i was in it swimming, floating or drowning.

What really was it that made my heart panicked?

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