Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One Deep Sleep/less (?) Night

I didn't know that multiple deep sleep can happen in one night until it happened to me. Well, I consider them deep sleep for I can't remember any dreams; for I always do dream but often forgot the details when fully awake.

Last night, I woke up 4 times before my alarm went off. I hit the sack around 11PM and woke up at exactly 1:01AM. As my phone is already part of my waking and sleeping regimen, I make sure that it is within arm's length for an easy grab to check times.

That feeling of having completed the sleep despite the short hours you have dozed off, I felt that. I couldn't believe that it was just 1AM but was glad I could still get a long snooze. I stayed awake for a while and thought of something that I've read somewhere; it was that when you have woken up before your alarm, you should then get up for you have already completed the amount of sleep that your body needed. But at 1AM, the heck! (Or, I could have had hit the gym? Grabe sya, oh!)

Anyway, and it happened again at 03:37, 04:07, a jolt at 05:46 from Fajr (Islam's first morning prayer I hear every day) and finally at 6:00 from my alarm.

I was just amazed that I wasn't restless, tired, feeling groggy from each waking moment. I felt so light and ready to start the day despite the time until my alarm. I woke and sit up with a dizzy feel. Yep. I got up with a heavy head and straight to the shower! Ka-labad nga tulog!

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