Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Short, Beautiful and Heart-Stopping Encounter.

It's almost four years since the last time I saw you and it was when we parted ways; me, gone home and cried myself to sleep and you, I don't know where'd you go. It was one of my lowest moments and I swore I won't be in that situation again, ever.

And yesterday, the 'almost four years' has stopped. Of all the people in the world I could bumped into; not to mention that I am miles away from home, there you were coming towards me and all I was able to utter was 'what the h*ll'.

I wanted to hide that very instant. Or run away, but where to? I was there, boldly standing that even a twitch of my pinky would be noticed. I had nowhere to go so I just fervently hoped that magic exists so I could cast a spell and disappear in a blink of an eye. That very moment, I knew by heart how Daphne; the nymph who run away from Apollo, felt. I even prayed the same for the ground to swallow me whole but I don't have a God father like Peneus. Instead, the ground was very intact, concrete and as still as I was upon seeing you.

I wished I had not taken off my shades for surely you wouldn't recognize me (or would you anyhow?). I wished I had cut my hair shorter that it is now for pixie cuts don't get your attention (or do they now?). I wished I had worn baggy clothes, bulky shoes, a backpack or whatever. I have had wished all the wishes in the world so you wouldn't lay eyes on me.

But you did. And, smiled even.

Which caused the paining tugs in my chest. Oh yeah, there's a study about suppressed emotions can cause heart attack so maybe it was one of what they were telling about. For I just couldn't take my heart on halt, it was in a craze. Despite my frantic attempts to calm everything inside, my heartbeats were overwhelming.

And oh God, your charming eyes. *chirp *chirp *chirp

Good thing I snapped back to reality. I came to my senses before any humiliating encounter could take place. The ME in me overtook and steered things smoothly. I smiled back. I flashed my sweet-beautiful-according-to-you smile. I feigned shock and excitement seeing you. I pinched, squeezed and shook your upper arm in between chats. Yeah, still me. Haven't changed. Still touchy. Everything was light. I never thought of it. I never expected it.

I was okay. I was good. And so you were.

We were both good and better, Off our own ways.

So long! See you when I see you, as we bid farewell.


  1. I wonder if i would feel the same way too if someday....i would cross path with that someone id known and loved for so long too..... 👯

  2. Aguy ming hus d meyn??