Saturday, October 8, 2016

I Will Make Time

Me: It's almost winter! Let's go back to Abu Dhabi and re-visit the Grand Mosque! And hey, we need to do the Musamdam sea tour again!
Friends: Sure. And, when are you gonna be free?

I was elated by the thought that winter is just around the corner. From the soft-cold wind blow to the Brrr-ing temperature drop to 10°C (tolerable still with thick and layered clothing), I surely dig it over the summers here (who doesn't?). And, it only means one thing: Outdoors!

As I was excitedly blabbing about where I want to go and what I want to do on the weekends of early winter, I got stopped by a quip, 'when are you gonna be free again?', which had me re-tracking each weekend with scheduled appointments and commitments from my phone.

My giddiness to every outdoor fun planned for each weekend gradually died down as I realized that I am bound to volunteerism for the next three months. And, only God knows when I am going to stop since I enjoy and definitely love what I am doing.

I don't whine or cry for a break from what I do for there's no question to my commitment to helping others. However, the nomad part of me screams for a little adventure and where on earth can I find time?

I lecture about time management. I give talks about how important it is and that it should be taken seriously as it plays a vital role and could affect our efficiency and productivity in our day to day living. It is already regarded as cliche yet our feeling of content, satisfaction and fulfillment depends on it. And now, I am the one who needs lecturing.

I remember an Ex once told me over a heated argument of having no time for each other anymore, 'make time', and that 'there's no such thing as trying, it's only either you do it or you don't'. A very timely reminiscing (lol), just when I need the words of wisdom to guide me (haha). Indeed, we learn from our past (do we? :P).

I have to make time. I have to make time to go out and be one with the nature again. I have to make time to unleash the adventurous in me to recharge its drained spirit. I have to make time to bathe in the uncertainties with joy of not knowing what are bound to happen. I have to make time for the vast horizon to fully embrace me away from the hustling metro. I have to make time for a Me Time. I have to make time.

I will make time.


  1. Wow! Full of wisdom Miss Aida😊
    It's not about "Having time" it's all about "Making time".

  2. Love it Ms.Aida . Its about when you spend time koving, you're doing something that will last forever. When you love you're pkanting a tree to the soil of heaven.Bo Sanchez Take Charge,Give All :)

  3. Ms. Aida let us go to Oman and have a great weekend!!! Let us plan it! :)