Thursday, August 21, 2014

The WHYs Behind Our LIEs

From the moment our little brains begin to process and understand the words that our parents gab, was nearly the time we have been taught that lying is bad.

And now, when we have come of age, on our right thinking, perhaps; when we can already justify and reason our way out with logic and rationalization, is lying still bad? Or is it now, when we have to sort lies in different categories to justify lying.

It is evident that people lie. Everyone fibs and tell tales, but why do we have to? If we are to base on our own situations, we definitely know deep down why we lie. To add, here are some of what I found to know more about the dreading and not-so-dreading truth about lying.

Then evaluate yourself. Are you already one of the Pretty Little Liars? Or, you are now living in the World of Lies you have created.

Do you know what is more painstaking than being lied to? It is knowing that you do not deserve the truth.